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15 May cc2svn. Fork of cc2svn working on windows with some extra functionalities. Clearcase to SVN. Original source code: p/cc2svn/. Features. cc2svn tool converts ClearCase view files with all history and given labels to SVN dump. The dump can be loaded by SVN using. cc2svn is a tool that converts ClearCase view files with history and labels to SVN dump. cc2svn tool converts ClearCase view files with all history and given labels to SVN dump. The dump can be loaded by SVN using 'cat | svnadmin load' command. Clearvision CC2SVN is an asynchroneus synchronisation service that synchronizes two version control repositories automatically. It is a commercial product, at the time of writing it costs GPD for 1 server plus 10 bridges. The cost of 1 server & 50 bridges is GPD A bridge is their term for the connector between.

12 Mar Many companies recognize that IBM Rational ClearCase and Subversion have different strengths and benefits depending on the size and complexity of each development project, with the CC2SVN Bridge you now have the opportunity to fully integrate ClearCase and Subversion so that each project can. Are those files (jar) private? (meaning they are only visible in your view referencing the UCM stream Br_Dev)?. Or does your import mechanism configured to ignore binaries? (including jars). It is not a good practice to version binaries (as I mention in "Should the WEB-INF/lib directory be versioned by a. Free open source tool I have identified CC2SVN. But that tool is not tested in windows and also I am not sure whether CC2SVN meet my requirement or not. Can anyone please suggest me some UCM clearcase windows to Subversion Linux server migration tool, it would be more helpful for me. Regards.

14 May We're looking at converting base ClearCase VOBs to SVN. We're using the RC5 build of SVN from CollabNet as they have merge tracking which is something we need. We tried importing a small VOB using both svn-importer M8 and svn-importerSHAPSHOT, the dump files from each were the. 10 Jan cc2svn -- ClearCase to Subversion. NOTE: I am trying to get approval from my company's legal dept to do this as a free software project. Stay tuned. Why A New Tool? All existing ClearCase to Subversion converters suffer from fatal flaws. The simplest tools simply import static file trees. The tools that try to. ClearCase to Subversion Migration. 1 post / 0 new. Log in or register to post comments. April 17, - am. #1. @ ClearCase to Subversion Migration. I'm looking for a tool/script to migrate ClearCase VOB to Subversion. I tried with SVNImporter, cc2svn scripts. Any success story on this? Thanks in advance.


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