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Knights are limited in their power. They do have positions where they are worth even more then a rook but that is dynamic. You need to decide the game in that window where your knights have superiority because the game will eventually open up, favoring the bishops. Two more things that devalues two. Edward Lasker said "It is difficult to compare the relative value of different pieces, as so much depends on the peculiarities of the position ". Nevertheless, he said that bishops and knights (minor pieces) were equal, rooks are worth a minor piece plus one or two pawns, and a queen is worth three minor pieces or two rooks. 28 Nov Bishops are also preferable to knights when queens have been exchanged because, Grandmaster Sergey Erenburg, who is ranked 11th in the U.S., explains , “[Bishops and rooks] complement each other, and when well-coordinated, act as a queen.” Conversely, a knight is the preferred minor piece when.

If I am up the exchange, I would rather it be Rook vs. Bishop than Rook vs. Knight . It really is all situational. I think the value of 3 points for Bishop and Knight is correct. Although I have seen various books list the Bishop at points; points; and even as high as 4 points. Most have Bishop and Knight as. 6 Jan Basically, what it comes down to is mobility. In closed positions bishops are often hemmed in by pawn chains everywhere, whereas knights can slowly maneuver to a good outpost. But it isn't the closedness of the position that makes knights better in this case. Some closed positions are so cramped that even knights cannot. 27 Feb If we were to suggest just one chess strategy for beginners to focus upon – that would have the biggest impact on their chess – it may well be that complicated area known as the bishop vs. knight imbalance. So let's spend today absorbing the essentials of this strategy.

10 May In practice it has been shown that a bishop is usually stronger than the knight because of its mobility, but there are always some exceptions. Do remember that in such endgames position of the kings and pawn structure matters a lot. Here are some general pieces of advice with instructive examples. 4 Jul Who is stronger: knight or bishop? The knight is slow but nimble. And if things go seriously wrong the knight can still try to erect a fortress. However, it's best to design such a fortress carefully. 11 May Queen & knight vs queen & bishop what wins. As well as many other materials and lessons that will help you to learn or improve the skills of the game of chess.


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