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Sleep is essential for health; yours and your child's. You want to be the best parent possible, while making the most of your child's formative years. Except right now you feel like you're living in a fog and trying to walk through quicksand- uphill. Every night is a struggle that leaves both of you and your child frustrated and. SLEEP What is Sleep? Sleep is essential to your body's overall wellness, both physically and emotionally. It is as vital to your health as food and water. During sleep, your vital organs, muscles, nerves, and brain rest and rejuvenate. Without healthy sleep our bodies slowly shut down, causing fatigue, impaired memory. HEALTH. Sleep affects students' physical and mental health. Sleep includes a comprehensive overview on sleep's relationship to health using the most current research. PERFORMANCE. Students who sleep better have higher GPAs. Sleep affects memory consolidation, alertness, problem solving, and creativity.

Sleep is a novel and far-reaching approach to addressing healthy sleep in college students.[T]his brief, self-guided online program incorporates videos, animations, and games relevant to college life so that students see how sleep affects physical and mental health, safety, and performance in and out of the classroom. Our Products · MidNite Original · MidNite PM · MidNite Menopause · About MidNite · How MidNite Works · When MidNite Can Help · Our Ingredients · Product Safety · Sleep · Sleep Facts · World Sleep Clock · Sleep Resources · Stages of Sleep · Substances that Affect Sleep · Sleep at Different Life Stages · Sleep Tips. Struggle to keep your eyes open during class? Always find yourself dozing off in the middle of the afternoon? It's no secret, sleep is one of the most important regulators of our energy levels. We live in a culture that is sleep deprived 24/7. Teenagers, college students, working adults, and sometimes even the elderly struggle.

asthma symptoms and then dedicated his life to helping others optimize their breathing. In this book, he extends the Buteyko Method into an approach he calls the Oxygen Advantage. Big Ideas we cover include the #1 obstacle to optimal breathing, Oxygen Delivery , the #1 breathing tip, and how to dial in your sleep. Everything you need to know help your child get their best sleep. Behav Med. ;42(1) doi: / Epub Jan A "Sleep " Program for College Students Improves Sleep Hygiene Knowledge and Reduces Maladaptive Beliefs about Sleep. Kloss JD(1), Nash CO(1), Walsh CM(1), Culnan E(1), Horsey S(1), Sexton-Radek K(2).


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